The perfect fusion of classic and contemporary, Calligaris began as a small artisanal business by Antonio Calligaris in 1923 with the production of the “Marocca” chair typically designed on the traditional model of the Manzano area in Friuli.

In the ninety years of its existence, Calligaris have been designing furniture to enhance and embellish homes in a way that it is in the best possible harmony with its surroundings and in tune with the latest home décor trends and styles.

Today the venture has turned into a flourishing brand that stands for elegance, creativity, innovation and reliability. Their success can be attributed to their penchant for creating designs that are as ingenious as they are practical, as stylish as they are functional and as traditional as they are contemporary. It is this unique synthesis between technical excellence and aesthetic value that gives Calligaris that vital edge over its competitors. So if you’re looking for furniture that reflects your personality, that can give your home its distinct feel – Calligaris would indeed be the best choice. The designs are a visual treat that indulge your senses by their sheer simplicity and have the power to transform your home into a haven of comfort, luxury and complete harmony.




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